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A very gracious and generous friend gave me two tickets to see excerpts from a couple of early Baroque operas. The operas from that period are very distinctive and quite different from the classical and romantic period operas that most people think of when they think of opera.

In any event, partially due to isolation and partially due to a holiday weekend that has drawn most of my usual suspects out of town, I've got no one to come with me to the opera. Going alone means no one to talk to during intermission or discuss it with afterward as well as being a terrible waste of a fairly expensive ticket.

So come with me. If you don't know opera, you'll get to experience something new. If you do love opera, you're in a for a wonderful time. The pre-show talk starts at 7pm. The whole thing is taking place at Jordan Hall in Downtown Boston. I plan to drive in and park there and will happily provide a ride there and back again. Oh, and don't be concerned about dressing up too much. I plan to "go bohemian" which means to not dress up and pretend that that decision is indicative of something other than laziness.

Don't make me bring a total stranger.
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